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Mechanical Seals For Petrochemical Industry

We supply Mechanical seals for petrochemical industry in UAE, the transport medium of rotating equipment is usually high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful fluid, and its reliability is particularly important. Mechanical seal has been widely used because of the advantages, such as high reliability, good interchangeability, simple structure and compact structure, convenient maintenance and so on. We need to analyze the seal structure, material and flushing, and choose the suitable petrochemical mechanical seal for the pump, so as to improve the reliability of the seal.Compared with single face mechanical seal, double face mechanical seal is suitable for strong corrosion, suspended particles, flammable, explosive and volatile medium. When sealing high-pressure medium, the pressure difference at each end of each seal can be allocated reasonably, and the working pressure range of the seal can be improved. In petroleum industry, double face mechanical seal is a good choice.